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My name is Andrea Croci, originally from Italy, I spent the last 12 years abroad. In 2015 I got caught into the wellness, fitness, and health world and I just dived right in. I got several certifications in Spain, some in Peru, some from the United States and more from the UK.

I consider myself a healer more than a therapist which, in my clients’ opinion, is an added bonus. Rather than concentrating on your symptoms as a healer, I focus on you as an individual. I always make sure my clients get long-lasting and life-changing results.

I am a good listener, so I love videos and audiobooks and I like old series. I can tell the whole plot of a few series by memory. There is no reason to worry though, that applies to anatomy and physiology too.

Back in high school, I played rugby, but that was like 18 years ago. I played so many sports. Now, mostly due to the pandemic I enjoy walking in nature. With the gyms opening again, I started lifting weight again, but I am not so much into bodybuilding. I do love to keep my body as healthy as I can, so, I am very aware of my alcohol consumption, my sleep routine, my nutrition, and my mental health.

As I am also a nutrition advisor, I feel very comfortable being on a fully plant-based diet. That means I haven’t consumed animal products including dairy, fish, and seafood since 2018. To make sure I am not hurting myself I keep track of my meals and I do regular blood testing throughout the year. Thanks to my personal experience I helped some of my clients improve their nutritional habits.
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