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What are the services offered?

The main service offered is Bespoke deep tissues + cupping massage. This is a great service for men and women suffering with muscle and joint pain due to a sedentary lifestyle. 

What are the prices?

45 mins session is £80

60 mins session £85

90 min session is £150

these are the ongoing rates for all the locations available

Are packages available?


the package available is 

Four 45 mins sessions to be used within 6 month from date of purchase at £256 instead of £320.


Four 60 mins sessions to be used within 6 months from the date of purchase at £272 instead of £340. 

It is recommended to pre-book all the prepaid sessions at the end of the first appointment to ensure you get prime slots in any of the locations available. 

Where are you located

The therapist Croci Andrea is a sole trader using treatment rooms in various neighborhoods of London.

The current one are a few minutes walking from the following tube stations:

West Brompton 
Gloucester Road

Who is this for?

The therapist Croci Andrea specialised on helping women with chronic muscle and joint pain, mostly caused by high levels of stress. With over hundreds 5 stars Google Reviews, Croci has help both men and women. 

Is mobile service available?

The therapist Croci do not go to clients house, for mobile services use Google to find a therapist in your area.

After working with the therapist Croci at one of the Locations available, in home service can be arranged but it will be costly. 

What should I wear?

The best clothing is sports shorts, topless for men, and strapless sports bras for women.

During the Full-body relaxation therapy we shall use more oils, so a full drape will be use and in such session you are free to wear simple underwear.

Why booking with you?

I am the best at what I do with over hundreds 5 stars review 

How to book a session?

Click on Book Online buttons available all over this website and follow the basic instruction of my scheduling system.

via text message at 07590902307 with full name and write that you wish to book over the phone.

Via email at with full name and write that you wish to book an appointment.

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